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Gert from the well and his 69 different personalities.

Winter, Year 26 of the Orwell Age. (2010 of the obsolete Christian Era).

Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Anti-authoritarian Movement of Athens (AK) on Wednesday’s events

In yesterday’s big strike society experienced a huge victory which was undermined by an attempt to charge it with a tragic event, a defeat that does not belong to it.

The fire in “Marfin” bank offered “warmth” to a political and social system that has already started “cooling” from the frosty touch of gold.

The tragic incident, lying outside of the atmosphere of popular rage and how this was expressed from Alexandras Avenue up to Syntagma Square, was to derive from the intolerance of the “specialists of violence”. The mantle of the aggressive avant-guard has fallen and denuded the role of the “fighting-pest”, as a role that lies outside and against society. Roles, commandment and an obsession of a perception of being against society, rather than on its side, led to the death of three employees.

It was revealed that such practices and rationales lie side-by-side and serve the interests of the bosses and the state. Such an ingenuous offer to the forces of domination is even more effective than a formal collaboration with the bosses and the state would have been. The massive march of 200,000 people in downtown Athens is the answer to haberdashers of violence. Social anger and the way this will be expressed each time (squats, clashes and demonstrations) is a choice of society itself, rather than of self-appointed rescuers.

The Anti-authoritarian Movement, consistent with its conceptualisation of society and the slogan “direct social action – direct democracy”, crouched together thousands of people in a massive, self guarded and solid block just like the other structured blocks of anarchists. As an organic part it participated in the expression of an enormous radical social portion which showcased that the state has no social legitimacy.

Despite the regime’s grave robbery, which tried to build consensus on the deaths of the three workers, the employees of “Marfin” themselves pinpointed the instigators: “my colleagues got killed today by malice. The malice of the bank and of Mr. Vgenopoulos personally, who instructed that anyone who does not work should not bother come to the office the day after.” Perpetrators who turn working conditions into crematoria of waged slavery. The people who got killed from the fire cannot be mourned by the tears of the political leaders, only by the popular movement.





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